HydroTops Bactivator

HydroTops Bactivator

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Bactivator is 100% organic bio-stimulation and the natural foundation of a healthy hydroponic system. By recreating the conditions found in a good rich organic topsoil. Bactivator offers unrivalled bio-stimulation leading to enhanced, compact vegetative growth and profuse flower and fruit production.

Availability: 125ml and 250ml.

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Bio-stimulation in Nature can be observed in the symbiotic relationship between beneficial bacteria and fungi and the root system of their host plant. The colonisation at the root zone by these beneficial microbes directly stimulates cellular function and root growth. Additionally, Bactivator provides a natural microbial defence system to resist fungal infections by pre-emptive consumption of their food sources, which in turn increases resistance to pest attack.

100% organic and completely natural,

HydroTops Bactivator is an effective biological inoculation that is trusted by gardeners around the world.

It ‘recreates’ the natural environment your plants thrive in, but without the worry of those pesky soil-born pests and microbes.

Your plants’ delicate roots are protected, so you get Bigger, healthier plants and better bigger yieldz

Whether you’re useing coco, hydroponic or soil growing .

HydroTops creates a happy home for your plants both undercover and out in the open.

It works with your plants’ natural defence systems to increase resistance to pest attack and fungal infection, promoting a longer, healthier life, better cropping rates and better quality foliage and increases resistance to pest attack.