GHE FloraDuo Bloom

GHE FloraDuo Bloom


A unique nutrient system that’s designed to get your plants growing strong and harvest-ready. FloraDuo comes in two parts: FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom. Whether your plants are at different stages or you have specific flowering requirements for each plant, FloraDuo delivers the primary, secondary and micronutrients that they need.

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GHE FloraDuo Bloom

GHE FloraDuo Bloom has a distinctive dual system that allows you to adjust seamlessly to every growth stage, taking plants from seed to harvest with appropriate nutrients along the way.

DualPart is also user-friendly: by mixing 3 parts DualPart Grow with 1 part DualPart Bloom, you’ll address all growth requirements. Then, by reversing these proportions (3 parts Bloom with 1 part Grow), you’ll attend to all flowering needs. DualPart guarantees a perfect balance between growing and flowering. You need nothing else for abundant and healthy yields.

  • You can change blends as your plants grow, providing a jumpstart as seedlings and helping them transition into blooms or maturity later.
  • Appropriate for all gardening methods, including coco, soilless, soil and hydroponics, FloraDuo gives you the flexibility you want and the nutrients your plants need throughout the growing season.
  • No matter what kind of plant diversity you’re sporting in your garden, you can tap into the power of this dynamic duo to deliver key nutrients with ease.

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