Gavita FB1 Fan Balancer (UK)

Gavita FB1 Fan Balancer (UK)


Gavita’s FB1 Fan Balancer allows you to offset your extraction and intake fans, allowing you to easily balance the air flow between the in and out, even when 2 of the same size fan are used.

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Never underestimate the critical importance of balancing out the power of both your intake and extraction fans. When you add ducting and filters into the equation, the air flow in your extraction systems is affected greatly and often leads to over-pressure in your grow room – a recipe for smells escaping.

If you want to maintain a healthy pressure in your grow room, it’s absolutely critical that you balance the intake and extraction fans. With Gavita’s FB1, its easy and simple to offset your intake fan by between 0 – 70% in order to balance airflow in your grow room. The FB1 allows you to offset your EC intake fan (AC fans require the EFM1 module) while maintaining PID fan control from the Gavita Master Controller.