Ecothrive – Coco Lite 50L

Ecothrive – Coco Lite 50L


Premium Coco/Perlite Mix with Charge

Grand total


The perfect mix of 70% coco coir and 30% perlite for optimum aeration, pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge for an unbeatable biological boost. With Ecothrive Coco Lite you can enjoy all the benefits of Ecothrive Charge straight out of the bag.


  • Certified RHP buffered coco;
  • Increased drainage;
  • Increased air space and moisture retention;
  • Pre-mixed with Charge, for extra biological activity in the root-zone

How to use
Simply pour out the bag into a pot, break any compressed lumps, settle the mix by tapping edges and base of pot, and plant up.