DimLux Xplore Series 730W LED

DimLux Xplore Series 730W LED


DimLux Xplore Series 730W LED

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Experience unmatched value and performance with the DimLux Xplore Series 730W LED grow light. Engineered to perfection, this luminaire combines full spectrum white LEDs with red LEDs to create an ideal lighting environment for all growth phases. With its innovative design and versatile features, the DimLux Xplore 730W LED is the ultimate choice for maximising crop yield and quality. This model has a slightly larger frame than the Xplore Series 9X.

General Information

Meticulously crafted to provide the perfect, balanced spectrum for maximised plant growth in both the vegetative and flowering phase of the growth cycle. The result of this is compact, vigorous growth, whilst encouraging morphogenesis and light absorption.

Fixture Dimensions: 11.18cm x 10.63cm

Ballast Dimensions: 12cm x 25cm


  • Optimal Spectrum: The spectrum provided promotes healthy vegetative growth and robust flowering.
  • Superior Vegging: High ratio of blue light promotes tight, compact vegetative growth and enhances flowering.
  • Dimmable: Adjustable digital ballast allows for precise dimming control, maximising light output.
  • Expandable Light Spectrum: UV-A and Far-red add-ons offer a more tailored application.
  • Lightweight: Easy to install and move around when required.

How to Use

Install the DimLux Xplore Series 730W LED in your grow space, ensuring proper ventilation and positioning for optimal coverage. Connect the digital ballast directly to the fixture or position it remotely if necessary. Use the Maxi controller or dimming knob to adjust the light intensity, selecting from 250W, 400W, 600W, or 730W settings for maximum output. As your plants grow, adjust the height of the fixture using rope ratchets to maintain optimal light distance. Customise your lighting setup with compatible UV-A and Far-red add-ons, choosing the version that best suits your specific needs. For advanced applications, utilise separate timers when combining UV-A and NIR add-ons, or opt for the combined UV-A + NIR add-on for simplicity.