Dimlux Maxi Controller

Dimlux Maxi Controller


The Dimlux Maxi Controller is a complete light controller and adjusts light output levels to ensure optimum VPD (vapour pressure deficit) and temperature levels. The unit collects data through external humidity and temperature probes and through the infra-red Dimlux Plant Temperature Camera.

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The unit also ensures even CO2 distribution and controls humidifiers and heaters. Professional growers rely on the Maxi Controller to create the perfect environment in the grow rooms for huge harvests and top-quality crops.

General Information

  • The controller adjusts up to 160 HPS or CDM lighting systems;
  • The light controller adjusts the output levels to maintain an optimum grow room environment;
  • The Maxi Controller is made for CDM or HPS Expert Series fixtures;
  • The unit has 7 dim options;
  • The unit comprises programmable shutdown for increased safety.


  • The unit eliminates risks of inrush current on start-up;
  • The unit delivers accurate readings for VPD levels;
  • The light controller mimics natural sunlight conditions;
  • The unit controls humidifiers and heaters;
  • It’s made and designed at Dimlux’s highest standards of performance and quality.

The Science

The Maxi Controller is available for use with a USB data stick to store the values recorded by the unit, which growers can study in graphic form. The unit writes the data onto the USB stick every minute. When growers use Expert Series fixtures with the Maxi Controller, they enjoy accurate settings, extensive control capabilities, sunrise and sunset simulation, and energy savings. The unit eliminates the need for time delay units and a switchboard. Set the off and on time and the unit is ready for use. Adjust the desired brightness with the “-” and “+” tabs. The unit can operate with asynchronous times such as 10 hours off and 10 hours on. The setting shortens the process by up to 20%. The unit is delivered with a 5 metres cable or an extra long 10 metres cable. You can connect different sensors to the unit including a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, and plant temperature sensor. The values are analysed to create the optimum ratio between the plant temperature, the humidity and the grow room temperature.

How to Use

You can adjust the basic programming using the settings in the Advanced Mode. Hold the “Set” tab until you see the “Advanced Menu.” Growers can determine different times, dates, light schedules, Celsius or Fahrenheit readings, and output power according to the type of fixtures used. For calibration, connect the unit to the power supply and attach the sensors into the correct ports. You can measure the relative humidity, CO2 values, the environmental temperature or the plants’ temperature.