Dimlux Expert Series 315w – Full Spectrum

Dimlux Expert Series 315w – Full Spectrum


The Dimlux Expert Series 315 CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide) system ensures a spectrum, which emulates sunlight. The lamp delivers increased PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) levels and runs at high intensity.

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The unit is optimised for the flowering phase with increased reds. The full-spectrum feature covers plants during the vegetative and blooming phases. Growers can expect accelerated growth of their plants, thighter internodes, and explosive blooming.

General Information

  • The Dimlux Expert Series 315w is a complete fixture;
  • The unit delivers a spectrum, which mimics sunlight;
  • The light output levels range between 165w and 380w;
  • It performs well as a supplementary light or as a stand-alone fixture;
  • It’s made for the vegetative and blooming phases;
  • It ensures increased PAR levels.


  • It’s an efficient and high-performance fixture;
  • The unit ensures healthy plant development and explosive blooming;
  • It’s compatible with Dimlux’s Maxi Controller;
  • It’s adjustable from 165w up to 380w.

The Science

The unit uses CDM bulbs to deliver a light spectrum, which is broader than the spectrums of other standard metal halide or HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) bulbs. The complete fixture offers adjustable light output levels, which range between 165w and 380w. Growers can tailor the lighting to their plants according to the environmental conditions. The unit is made for both the vegetative and the blooming phases. It accelerates turnover times and increases the efficiency of the crops. Growers can use the unit with the Maxi Controller to daisy chain up to 160 fixtures using speaker wire. The controller allows growers to adjust the off and on times from a central unit. Growers can also automatically adjust lighting in the grow room based on the Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD).

How to Use

Hang the unit over the centre of your grow room at the correct height. Use a jack chain or easy rolls. Run the lead from the complete fixture to the power mains and switch the unit on. The unit is compatible with Dimlux’s Maxi Controller. Connect the fixture to the controller using speaker wire. You can daisy chain up to 160 units. Don’t touch the lamp with your fingers. The bulb runs very hot and can cause burns or fires. Avoid using liquids or sprays close to the unit. They can cause failure or fires. On the first use, the Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide bulb must run uninterrupted for 15 minutes. This way, the metals in the bulb can fuse. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.