Dimlux Expert Series 1000w – DE EL UHF Nanotube

Dimlux Expert Series 1000w – DE EL UHF Nanotube


The Dimlux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF Nanotube is a high-performance complete fixture, which can boost DE 1000W 400V grow bulbs by 20%. The technology can deliver 10% higher yields than standard Dimlux fixtures.

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Superior ventilation ensures that the grow room is working at optimum rates. It’s the favourite fixture for growers looking to achieve increased harvest yields and top-quality crops. The unit comprises a ballast, bulb, and reflector and runs on a standard mains supply. The Alpha Optics 98 reflector ensures evenly spread lighting in the grow room.

General Information

  • The complete fixture ensures a 20% light boost, making it a 1200w system;
  • The unit uses active cooling;
  • The unit comprises two vents including “air-in” and “air-out;”
  • The HPS bulb is sealed in a glass tube.


  • The Dimlux Expert Series 1000w DE EL UHF Nanotube uses UH (ultra-high) 400v technology;
  • It’s efficient and has a low heat output;
  • The fixture covers an area of 1.5 square metres;
  • It ensures an even spread of light.

The Science

The 400v HPS bulb offers a variety of benefits such as increased efficiency, more light, and high harvest yields. The Pro High-Pressure Sodium bulb runs at a higher voltage and lower current than the standard High-Pressure Sodium bulb. The Pro version delivers more light and 10% higher harvest yields than the standard version. The Pro lamps are brighter, produce whiter light, and run cooler.

How to Use

Place the unit over the centre of your grow room using a jack chain. Connect the 4.0 metres lead from the unit to the power mains outlet and turn it on. Make sure that the air sent through the unit is dry, clean, and cool. The unit offers the best results when used with Dimlux’s Maxi Controller, which adjusts on and off times and performs a variety of other functions. The controller can adjust sunset or sunrise modes, auto-shutdown, or auto-dim. HID bulbs are extremely hot when they’re running. Growers must not touch metal halide bulbs or High-Pressure Sodium bulbs. These bulbs can cause burns to the fingers. Also, avoid using liquids or sprays when you come into contact with the bulb. They may cause failure or an explosion of the unit. When fitting the DE bulb, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Incorrect fitting can lead to damage, which is not covered by the warranty.