CYCO Suga Rush

CYCO Suga Rush

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CYCO Suga Rush is designed to enhance flowering when used in hydroponic and soil-free systems such as coco peat.

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CYCO Suga Rush is an additive that is solely used during the flowering or reproductive cycle of plant growth. CYCO Suga Rush is an intensely concentrated blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that are sourced from the finest food grade sugars that are guaranteed to have no harmful contaminants or by-products. With the supply needed from the plant lessened, the plant is free to utilise more sugars for terpene and terpenoid production resulting in increased aroma and heightened flavours. Suga Rush is also a source of potassium which aids in the movement of sugars throughout the plant.

  • Simple and complex carbohydrates.
  • 100% food grade ingredients for consumable crops.
  • Helps to retain sugar for increased taste and quality.
  • Facilitates the movement of sugars throughout the plant.
  • Increases yield in fruiting and flowering crops.

Suga Rush contains potassium which is essential for the translocation of sugars.

Key features:-

  • Maximises plants’ bloom potential.
  • Increased taste and aroma.
  • Guaranteed largest blooms.
  • Bigger stronger fruit.


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