Charles Austen Enviro ET Series

Charles Austen Enviro ET Series

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With high pressure and flow the ET series is ideal for circulating nutrients and aerating water in your hydroponic system. With its unique weatherproof casing, the ET series can be situated booth indoors and outside the grow room.

Availability: ET30 to ET120

See main description for how many air stones each model will supply.

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The ET series range of air pumps ensures that there is plenty of water movement in wastewater applications; this boosts oxygen levels in the water, allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose.

  • Single Outlet
  • Robust and compact construction – weatherproof
  • Green drive technology offers energy efficient motors meaning low power consumption​
  • Supplied with a rubber elbow for easy fitting.​

More information:-

  • ET30 – 30l/min (will supply 6 golf ball air stones)
  • ET40 – 40l/min (will supply 8 golf ball air stones)
  • ET60 – 60l/min (will supply 12 golf ball air stones)
  • ET80 – 80l/min (will supply 16 golf ball air stones)
  • ET100 – 100l/min (will supply 20 golf ball air stones)
  • ET120 – 120l/min (will supply 24 golf ball air stones)

Each golf ball air stone produces 5 litres of air per minute.