Canna Terra Professional Plus

Canna Terra Professional Plus


CANNA Terra Professional Plus is a premium type of soil mix comprising to quality nutrients and peat. It has an airy structure and offers superior results.

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The product promotes the development of beneficial bacteria in the root area. Beneficial bacteria protect your plants’ roots from pathogens, diseases, and increase nutrient uptake. No added fertilisers are required for the first 2 weeks. Terra Professional Plus is part of CANNA’s premium grow media range which helps growers achieve top-quality harvests.

  • he product is a top-quality soil-mix;
  • It’s part of CANNA’s range of premium grow media;
  • It’s fully fertilised and doesn’t need added fertilisers for the first 2 weeks;
  • The product contains peat, NPK fertilisers, and dolomite lime. The NPK ratio stands at 12-14-24;
  • The product promotes root growth and the development of beneficial bacteria.

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