Bluelab Pulse Meter – (EC, Moisture & Temperature)

Bluelab Pulse Meter – (EC, Moisture & Temperature)


Bluelab’s innovative new handheld Pulse™ Meter allows growers to get fast, accurate measurements directly in the root zone sent direct-to-mobile. The device operates with batteries so it’s mobile, allowing the user to take on-the-go measurements throughout their garden.

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Still measuring root zone moisture, nutrient (EC) and temperature the hard way? Waiting for run-off to accumulate can be an arduous task if you’ve got a large garden. Now you can measure root zones faster with Pulse™ – the new handheld root zone meter that goes where you grow. Pulse connects directly to the Pulse™ app on your smartphone for instant and accurate crop-health management. Measure direct in soils, coco coir blends, potting mixes as well as nutrient solutions.

Enhanced technology sends data directly to the Pulse™ app, providing growers with fast and accurate information to better manage crop health, without the need to connect to a computer.


  • Test more plants in a shorter time-frame with fast sensor – response (under 10 seconds per measurement depending on temperature)
  • Measures in a range of growing media including; soil, nutrient solution, coco coir blends and potting mixes, covering all substrates
  • Logging feature – Wireless smartphone syncing and back up of all measurements
  • Analyse, review and interrogate key data within the app
  • Quick in and out of range measurement indicators on the device with Blink™ technology
  • Integral depth gauge to ensure consistent depth measurements
  • Information to reduce errors and prevent plant loss