BioGreen Hydro A & B

BioGreen Hydro A & B

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Biogreen Hydro A & B is a two-part base nutrient made for use from the start of the vegetative phase until the end of the flowering stage. The product comprises a wide range of micro and macronutrients for strong plant development.

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BioGreen Hydro A & B

Base nutrients provide the building blocks for plant development, containing everything a plant needs to grow healthy and strong.

You will require an additional PK booster for flower to support a large yield.

BioGreen Hydro A & B Composition:-

Nitrogen (N) 0.7 – Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 5.7 – Potassium oxide (K2O) 6.3

(N-P-K: 0.7-2.5-5.2)

How to use BioGreen Hydro A & B:-

BioGreen Hydro A & B is most suited for sterilised systems that use peroxides where as Bio 1 & 2 are biological and cannot be used alongside tank sterilisers.

Use in conjunction with the rest of the BioGreen range according to the feed schedule.

Hydro A & B are used from the start until the end of the growth according to the grow schedule. In the final phase an additional bloom stimulator (like bio green PK) is recommended.

When 2 mixing tanks are used mix Hydro B in the B tank, when 1 mixing tank is used mix Hydro A and Hydro B together in enough water.

Do not leave the prepared water. Preferably use water at room temperature. Water every day as needed. Be careful not to overdose.

It’s made to work with dripper and irrigation systems. The highly concentrated formula is made of pure raw materials. The product is suitable for all grow medias. Growers achieve huge harvest yields and exceptional crops with BioGreen A & B.

General Information:-

  • The product is a two-part base nutrient. Part A comprises an NPK ratio of 4.3-0-0. Part B has an NPK ratio of 0.6-5.2-5.7;
  • The formulas are made for the vegetative stage and the flowering stage;
  • The product is suitable for dripper and irrigation systems;
  • It’s designed for all growing medias.


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