BAC Foliar Spray

BAC Foliar Spray

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This foliar nutrition is also used as a plant enhancer, which will make your crop stronger and the leaves thicker. Mildew, Botrytis and other plagues will have less of a chance to affect your crop.

Availability: 120ml, 500ml and 1ltr.

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BAC Foliar Spray

BAC Foliar Spray ensures the quick creation of chlorophyll (green colour) in the leaf. BAC Foliar Nutrition stimulates the micro-organisms living on and in the leaf (photosynthesis bacteria) that ensure the creation of chlorophyll.

Furthermore, BAC Foliar Nutrition contains ingredients that make the crop uninteresting to enemies, such as thrips and spider mites. It will be much easier to keep these enemies at bay as they no longer like your crop. Prevention is better than cure.

Foliar Spray fortifies your plants by stimulating the production of chlorophyll and making their stems and leaves harder. This product protects your crop by making it hard for any pathogens to develop in your plants. To use, dilute in water and apply with a spray bottle on the leaves and stems in low light conditions.

This foliar spray strengthens your plants against all sorts of unforeseen events that may occur in your marijuana crop, such as insect attacks, mites, pests and fungal attacks. With BAC Foliar Spray you can give your plants a second skin which will protect them against all types of pathogens. Plants that have been sprayed with Foliar Spray are less likely to become infected with fungi like odium or to die from a plague.

If your plants have already been infected, you can resuscitate them and bring them back by helping it to produce high levels of chlorophyll. You’ll get green and healthy plants with Foliar Spray by BAC.

You can also spray the lower part of the plants and the root zone to activate the beneficial life present in the substrate to further improve the health of your plants.

Dosage and How to Use B.A.C. Foliar Spray:-

Use 4ml / L to give your plants as a preventive measure every 7 days. If you want your plants to recover when they have already been attacked or stressed out you can repeat the dosage in the same week until it recovers; normally, after 10-15 days your plant should be healthy again.


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