Autopot SmartPot 48 Pot System

Autopot SmartPot 48 Pot System


The AutoPot SmartPot System combines AutoPot’s power-free, water efficient, low maintenance, modular systems with high performance fabric pots for the first time. SmartPots stimulate plant growth by aerating, feeding and guiding the root structure rather than merely containing it.

The porous BPA-free, lead-free SmartPot material allows improved gas exchange in the substrate. Free to breathe the root zone can see dramatically enhanced oxygen levels – supercharging growth.


Grand total
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SmartPot 48 System includes:

1x 400 ltr FlexTank
1x 16mm click-fit tank adaptor & filter
1x 24 metre length of 9mm pipe
1x 20 metre length of 16mm pipe
1x 16mm cross connector
3x 16mm in-line tap
24x 16mm-9mm cross connector
48x 1Pot XL trays & lids
48x 18.9ltr SmartPot
48x AQUAvalve
48x SmartPot PotSock

9mm pipe – Outside Diameter 9mm/Inside Diameter 7mm
16mm pipe – Outside Diameter 16mm/Inside Diameter 13mm