Alien RDWC Black Series 36 Pot System

Alien RDWC Black Series 36 Pot System

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The next generation ALIEN® RDWC systems are made for growers that want fewer plants, but bigger plants! The water is super oxygenated by an air line connected to each bucket in the system. In this environment, the roots can explode with growth and become the base of a hugely productive plant.

Availability: Pot sizes:- 20ltr and 36ltr. Choice of chiller water pump if required. See main description for more information.

Tank size:- 550ltr.

Only choose a water pump if you intend running a chiller.
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This is a complete system and comes with all necessary parts to get growing!

Please Note: Alien RDWC systems are supplied with 1x water pump to recirculate the system as standard. If you intend using a water chiller another water pump is required to run the chiller and will be factory fitted to the header.

The next generation ALIEN® RDWC systems have many new features and are available in either the “Black Series” or “PRO Silver Series”

  • ​The fittings are now threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts making system installation and relocation easier.
  • Heavy duty clips situated on the sides of the pots elevate the airlines off of the floor.
  • The Net Pot is much improved and is now manufactured in Supersoft™ material to avoid root damage.
  • The square design suits rockwool cubes, but it remains round on the outside so rotation is still possible.
  • The base includes a raised grid to lift the cube slightly to avoid being over saturated.
  • All RDWC systems now come with factory fitted chiller fittings on the side of the header making chiller installation simple.
  • The new Jet-Stream™ air pumps have been designed with Deep Water Culture in mind and boast a high pressure while still retaining low noise and wattage.
  • They feature a double damping system for noise absorption and the twin air chambers produce a large quantity of air at a strong pressure.

What’s the difference between the “Black Series” and “PRO Silver Series”?

  • The patent pending Dual-Flow™ fittings are an oversized 50mm for a more free flowing system. These fittings are over 3x the internal size of the 32mm.
  • Heat-reflective silver 50mm pipe is used vs the Black Series green 32mm.
  • Ball valves and heavy duty inline filters are included with the Silver Series.
  • The pots and lids are also produced from heat-reflective silver polymer. This helps to keep nutrient solution temperatures cooler and relives the water chiller from having to work as hard.
  • The PRO Silver Series incorporate JET-STREAM A.I.R™ (Air Injection Rings). Air pump and airline sizes are increased to supply the Rings with a strong pressure to achieve maximum oxygen saturation.