Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

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Bud Blood is a flowering stimulator which encourages plants to produce flowers earlier and quicker. This amazing product increases the number of flowering sites on plants and forces them to produce flowers at an earlier stage of the plants’ life. This helps to produce bigger yields.

Availability: 40g, 300g and 500g.


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  • It protects your plants and reduces crop losses
  • It multiplies the number of bloom sites on your plants
  • It forces those blooming sites to pop out bigger, heavier, juicier buds
  • It Allows You To Get Bigger, Heavier Harvests Faster And More Times Per Year!

Mix 10 grams per 20 Litres of nutrient solution in your reservoir for the first week of flowering. This will raise the ppm by approximately 200.


a) Always use fresh water.
b) Do not use as a foliar spray.